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Cora Virginia Nace Hunt

Six daughters of the Nace family of Lithia survived past infancy. In this 1902 picture, Ossie Belle Nace (1894-1987) stands beside her mother. The youngest, Zora William (1903-1988), wasn't yet born. In the back row, from left to right are Pearl (1890-1911), Blanche (1886-1983), Lucy (1885-197?), and Cora (1888-1945).

The W.R. Nace family of Lithia, VA

Cora Virginia Nace married Thomas Orren Hunt (1877-1965)—my mother always called him Uncle T.O.—and I think they lived in Boones Mill for a while—at least they did in 1908. Later, they moved to Botetourt County, where Cora was again close to her family. In the photo below, Cora is right;  Blanche is left. T.O. is in front.

Blanche Ruble, Cora Hunt, T.O. Hunt
They had the following children:  
  • Claude Nace Hunt 1907-1984 (m. Elizabeth Hurt)
  • William O. Hunt 1909-1968 (m. Lillian Gertrude Whorley)
  • Pearl Dodd Hunt 1912-1995 (m. Boyd Conrad Whorley)
  • Lucas Dennison Hunt 1905-1976 (m. Margaret Vaughan)
  • Sulmana Elizabeth Hunt 1907-? (m. M. Carl Furman, Roy Hildebrand, Harry S. Woody)

Above are Cora's oldest boys, Claude and Bud (William), when they were little. Below are all five: Elizabeth, Den, Claude, Pearl, and Bud.

A later picture of Pearl and Elizabeth. . .

. . . and another of Elizabeth:

This picture of Elizabeth and her cousin Raymond Ruble was taken in 1927:

An older Claude:

Lawrence Ruble, Blanche's oldest son, lounges on the Ruble porch with his cousin Den Hunt (I now own the rocking chair that's behind them).

After Pearl was married to Boyd Whorley, she looked like this:

One source I found lists children of Pearl and Boyd Whorley as Doris (m. Dan Bailey), Kitty (m. Charles Mills), and Esther (m. John Steinmetz). However, on the back of this 1943 photo are written the names Tommy Whorley, Buddy Whorley, Cookie Whorley, Peggy Whorley, and Ginger Hunt. Are four of these children Pearl's? If not, what's the connection?

Children of Elizabeth and her third husband Harry S. Woody were Harriett P. Woody (b. 1937), Harry S. Woody Jr. (b. 1944), and Thomas L. Woody (b. 1947).

Aunt Cora died of stomach cancer on August 27, 1945—a few weeks before I was born. At least a year after her death, her husband placed this memorial in the Roanoke paper:

I can remember Uncle T.O. visiting my mother and sometimes writing her letters, which he always typed and which always began, "My dear good girl Alene." I don't remember ever meeting their children. 

According to Austin's Related Families of Botetourt County,  T.O. (the book has his middle name wrong) was from Richmond, Claude and Bud lived in Norfolk, and Den lived in Richmond.

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