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William Nace's Will

First, some background about William Nace, who had been the overseer at Mount Joy Plantation in Buchanan, Virginia:

William Nace, my great great great grandfather, was the father of John Christian Nace. According to Rootsweb's Fringer Family site, William was born on 6 February 1797 in Lancaster County, Maryland. He was the son of John Christian Nace (born 1760 in Maryland, died 1852) and Catherine Filston (b. 28 June 1764 in Maryland, d. 1 August 1855 and buried in the Noffsinger family cemetery in Botetourt County, Virginia).

William's father—the first John Christian Nace—was the son of George Nace and Mary [?] of Maryland. Pat Nace of Canada once sent me info indicating that George Nace was of the plantation called "Nace's Tavern" in Maryland. In July 2000, she posted on GenForum about Nace's Tavern: "It was acquired by George Nace on a Land Warrent after serving in the Rev.War. He had one daughter Mary who married Eurasmus Uhler and lived in Baltimore. A son George who died prior to 1812. A son John who moved to Botetourt Co. VA. (This is my line) and a son William who took over the family farm."

On GenForum, she posted this in 2007: "George Nace Sr. . . . died in 1808. George's land was called 'Nace's Tavern'. George fought in the Rev war on the penn line and was recorded in Count Pulanski's [Pulaski's] regiment for one. rec'd a land grant in 17 something for 100 acres in Maryland. I have all offical docs at home."

John C. Nace and Catherine had the following children:

  • Polly Nace b. 23 April 1790
  • William Nace b. 6 February 1797 in Lancaster Co., Maryland
  • Peter F. Nace b. abt. 1798 in Maryland
  • Margaret Nace b. abt. 1799
  • Elizabeth Nace b. abt. 1802
  • Robert F. Nace b. 25 December 1802 in Botetourt Co., Virginia

On 28 December 1823,  William married Hester C. (Hetty) Fringer, who was born about 1801 and died 14 October 1854. She was the mother of William's children. Her father was Christopher Fringer (who died in 1810 in Botetourt county) and her mother was Susanna Zirkle.

After Hetty's death, William Nace married twice more—to Sarah Noffsinger and then to Martha Lackland, a widow. Martha outlived him.

Years ago, Pat Nace of Canada sent me a transcript of documents relating to the will of William Nace.

William Nace
Last Will and Testament
In the name of God Amen.
I William Nace of the County of Botetourt and State of Virginia being of sound mind and wright reason, knowing the certainty of death and and the uncertainty of life and being anxious to make a disposition of my worldly effects, make this last Will and Testament thereby revoking any other Will made by me.
1st—I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Martha Ann Nace all the property personal and real which she had or had any interest in before we were married, also a Bay Mare and Bay horse now in possession of John C. Nace. Four head of cattle, nine sheep, one sow and eight shoats now at John C. Nace,  My two horse wagon & harness, my buggy and harness, my negro man Lawson,all of my household & kitchen furniture, all of my outstanding Bonds and Accts. and one third of my wheat crop growing on my farm.
2nd— I will and bequeath to my son John C. Nace my farm, Known as part of the Milton Farm and more fully know as Hall's Bottom Adjoining the lands of G.C. Thrasher, Waskey and Moore and the lands of the Lacklands' Heirs to have as his own in full simple also the balance of my flock of sheep more or less.
3rd—I will and bequeath to my sons Mathew H. Nace, William M. Nace and Robert M. Nace the sum of ten dollars each to be paid to either of them by my son John C. Nace without interest there on, be it further understood that they are to make personal application for the above sum. 
4th—I will and bequeath to my Grandson William Nace, son of John C. Nace my watch now in Lynchburg in care of J.B. Allen.
5th—I will and bequeath to my stepson Luther C. Lackland my shotgun.
In conclusion I appoint my son John C. Nace my executor and hereunto let my hand and affix my seal the 31 day of March 1863.
William Nace
Sam Young, William J. Noffsinger, John B. Allen

Apparently William was in poor health and feared his end was near. By May 1863, he had died:
At Botetourt May Court 1863
This instrument of writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of William Nace dec'd was this day exhibited in court and fully proven by Oaths of Sam Young, William J. Noffsinger & John B. Allen subscribing thereto, and thereupon ___ instrument of writing is ordered to be recorded as the True Last Will & Testament of the said William Nace dec'd.
His son, John Christian Nace, settled the estate.

At Botetourt October Court 1866, John C. Nace the executor affixed to the original of this Will a stamp to the amount of one dollar & fifty cents, being for the probat of said Will, see order book, page 51, 5.
Wm. Lackland Cert.
I'll post the inventory of his estate at another time.

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